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How To Get A Recommend For You & Your Business? #socialmedia

If you want a social media recommend, you will have to give a recommendation for someone on social media. Don’t wait for others to recommend you. Recommend others and they could recommend you.

In an age where “What others say about you matters more than what you say about yourself”, recommendations can go a long way to bringing you business. People want to know who they can trust. A friend’s recommendation might just be a foot in the door for you.

Before that recommendation ever arrives, you have to wow someone with your business. You need to give them something good to talk about. When you treat your customers as well as you can, then you are bound to create some great word of mouth from them. Every time you have a customer in front of you, it’s go time. Try to impress them.

Here’s a Twitter post I sent out a while ago on this topic:

So how do you get started with recommendations?

A great place to start recommending people is Twitter on a Friday: #FF “Follow Friday”; or on LinkedIn as an actual recommendation. Has someone done a great job for you? Make sure you take some time to share that with others. People are looking for great people to work with. Your recommendation might just be the one that causes something to happen. I bet that person would be grateful to you for making this happen.

So what ever you do, don’t wait for recommendations to come to you. Go out and make them happen. Sow more great “Recommendation” seeds for a “Recommendation” harvest. And as a reminder, you have to be doing good work for your customers for this to happen. Don’t be expecting a recommendation for sloppy or under-delivered work. Remember, it’s your business. You have the ability to stand out and make it a great one.

Here’s to a prosperous day for you in business. Whether you work in Halifax, Dartmouth, Truro, Toronto or elsewhere, you can make it happen.


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