Why You Need To Rethink Your Social Media To Build A Better #Business

Why You Need To Rethink Your Social Media To Build A Better #Business

Like everything else, you need to rethink and evaluate your social media efforts to make sure that you are building a great community around you and your business, and that you are staying on course. Are you doing things that aren’t working? Are you drifting off course?

It’s never a bad thing to look at what you are doing with your social media. To my social media participants and friends in Halifax, Dartmouth, Truro and the rest of Nova Scotia, I encourage you to evaluate what you are doing with your social media marketing.


Whether it is Twitter, your blog, or any of the rest of your social media networks, it is good to look back and making changes for the future. As you move forward in 2014, you want to get rid of things that are slowing you down, things that are not working, and work on things that will advance your business marketing.

One thing you should focus on is finding those people who have been the biggest supporters of your business in 2013. It is the time to reward these people and help them. You should already have a good idea who they are. Acknowledge them and stay closer to them this year than ever. Make them glad they have connected with you. 

Maybe it’s time to find and strengthen key social media connections that you have not seen in a while? Are there people who have drifted off your social media radar? Maybe it’s time to rekindle those connections.

Another thing you should think about is whether you are going the right way. Are you still staying focused on your goal, or have you slightly drifted off course? As the captain of your business ship, you always have to check to make sure you are on course for success.

Maybe this year is the year you plan to get some social media training? Are you keeping up with all the changes in the industry? If I can be of any assistance, please ask.

May this year be a safe and prosperous year for you and your business. Here’s to a great day of business for you.

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Jeff Brown is the Founder & CEO of Alpha Social Media inc. Jeff is a certified Workplace Education instructor with the Department of Labour & Advanced Education with over 6300 plus hours of training delivered in Nova Scotia. He is the author of "Essential Twitter Skills for Business".


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    Good Monday morning from Bedford, Nova Scotia. Here’s my latest video on how to keep your social media cleaned up. This will help you build a great community around you 🙂

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