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Social Media Sanity – Why A Separate Email

How do you stay sane while using social media to market your business? If you are using your main business email address for all your notifications, that’s a good way to go crazy. Here’s the better way.

Create a separate email social media

[Social media tip: Create a separate address for your social media accounts. Keep business email free of notifications.]

Whenever I train someone to use the Internet, I always tell them to create a spare email account for opportunities where they might get spammed. I want business owners to keep their main business email inbox free of as much spam is possible.

When it comes to using social media marketing for your business, all social media networks require an email account to send notifications to. If we give them our main business email Inbox address, we will crowd out customer requests with social media notifications.

As business owners, we need to be able to see items easily as they enter our Inbox, and action them. Many of our emails are FYI [For your information] emails. They do not require any action. If we get too many emails in our main business Inbox, we will dread going to our emails.

What should we do today?

We should create a separate email, such as a Gmail account or an account, and use them for our social media account notifications. All the notifications will go into an email address that you can view at a later time.

It is important that you visit your main business Inbox throughout the day and respond to customer inquiries. The social media notifications can be viewed throughout the day when you have time to do so.

Things we can do today:

  • Set up a Separate email address for social networks.
  • One can use Gmail,, Hotmail or any other online mail system with these.
  • If one has a web host, one can make a specific email for social media that is not the main business email address.
  • Use Outlook to set up all the email addresses on your computer for ease of viewing. You can apply various filters with the Outlook program.

What more info?

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