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Welcome to the Alpha Social Media® Inc About Us page. Right now you are probably wondering what’s in it for you? You have searched, found this site, and are now trying to figure out if you have arrived at the right place in your search for social media training. Let’s see what’s in it for you right now. What can Jeff Brown and Alpha Social Media® Inc do for you when it comes to social media?

  • Jeff Brown is a social media trainer, a Nova Scotia workplace education instructor and a social media speaker. Attending just one of his functions can benefit you and your business greatly.
  • Jeff has studied and developed Adult Education principles that deliver results for you and your business. Workplace Education trainers have developed training skills that are second to none anywhere. You will benefit from taking training from these specialized trainers.
  • Jeff has delivered over 125 workplace education programs; that’s 5000 hours of training experience you can benefit from.
  • Over 700 businesses have been trained to use social media to market their businesses; that’s a lot of customized business experience you can learn from. Imagine what you can learn for your business?
  • Jeff has become proficient in delivering customized workplace education. Not everyone can deliver workplace training that delivers results. He has learned how to deliver what businesses need to generate leads, increase visibility and build community.
  • As well has social media training, Jeff has delivered over 42 computer training programs through the 8 years as an educator and a workplace education instructor. Before Jeff was a social media trainer, he was a computer trainer. Jeff has a wealth of training experience and that delivered proven results.
  • Jeff was a business owner before he was a social media trainer. He trains as one who has had previous business experience and he uses best business practices to get the job done. Jeff believes that if you have never been a business, than how can you teach business.
  • Jeff has learned how to create buzz for his business; and he will show you how to do the same.

What others are saying about Jeff Brown and Alpha Social media® Inc:

  • We were so lucky that RE/MAX nova hired Jeff to instruct their agents on the values of using social media as part of our business. He is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic & very patient with those whose computer knowledge is limited. We have already experienced an increase in sales that we can relate to our social media efforts as a result of Jeff’s courses.” – Natalie Dwyer-Edinger – Sales consultant & team leader at RE/MAX nova.
  • I had taken a couple social media courses, some 1/2 day and 1 and 2 day courses and even a 10 week intro course. Talking heads regurgitating information but nothing prepared me for the content that Jeff introduced. He truly practices adult learning techniques and his focus is on practical skills and safety vs educating. His dedication to his craft meant after hour online tutorials for me and others. He is committed to results and not just fulfilling a contract based on time and content. If you want a results conscious trainer, you want Jeff for social media.” – Mike Arthur – Realtor(R) at Royal LePage
  • I have had the pleasure of spending 12 weeks with an amazing Social Media Guru… 
    I saw a refreshing change in the attitude of all who attended the class, excitement, a true willingness and want to learn more.. 
    The knowledge I have gained has truly impacted my Business in the most positive way, we are growing, increasing daily and more and more people know, who we are!!!  I highly recommend Jeff to any company. He is well worth spending our valuable time with and is truly the best in Social Media, dependable, timely, approachable and always brings his knowledge (which is immense) and smile to share with all. Thank you Jeff, for an incredible learning adventure…  PS – I cannot wait to refresh and learn more in the future, with Alpha Social Media.” – Dana Sharkey – Executive Director,Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia and Entrepreneur
  • If you need to see more, you can check out our Testimonial Page.

Jeff Brown’s philosophy towards training and business: As a certified workplace education instructor and as a business trainer, Jeff does not believe in cookie cutter training. As a result of his workplace education training [personal development], Jeff believes that every training experience needs to be customized for all participants to maximize the learning outcome. It is important to produce results for business; even in the training room. Jeff has seen cars sold in a training session as well as real estate leads delivered. Jeff knows he has delivered great training when participants have to leave the training room to follow-up on a lead generated in the classroom. Jeff further believes that training is more than learning new skills. It has to produce business.

Some facts about Jeff Brown and Alpha Social Media® Inc: Jeff Brown Jeff_Brown_President_Alpha_Social_Media_Inc Jeff is the President of Alpha Social Media Inc and the founder of Alpha Computer Training and Consulting.  Alpha Social Media Inc was incorporated in January of 2012. Alpha Computer Training and Consulting was started in March 2007. Alpha Computer Training and Consulting was dissolved in April 2013. Alpha Social Media Inc has taken over all the operations of Alpha Computer Training and Consulting. Here are some of the noteworthy achievements since 2007:

  • In 2008, Alpha Computer Training and Consulting was named as a top ten start-up business in Nova Scotia.
  • In 2009, Alpha Computer Training and Consulting was named as a finalist for the RBC Small Business of the Year Award in Truro, Nova Scotia.
  • In 2010, Alpha Computer Training and Consulting was awarded the Crime Stoppers Appreciation Award for the Facebook “Leave A Tip” tab. Alpha Computer Training and Consulting helped Crime Stoppers gain access to crime tips via Facebook. This was a world first achievement.
  • In January 31, 2012, Alpha Social Media® Inc became incorporated. Alpha Social Media® is a trademark of Alpha Social Media® Inc.
  • In 2012, Jeff Brown published his first eBook entitled “Essential Twitter Skills For Business“.

As a “Certified AWENS Instructor” Jeff Brown has delivered over 111 “Workplace Education Programs” in Nova Scotia for the Department of Labour and Advanced Education  [4460 hours total – social media training {2550 hours} and computer training {1910 hours} as of December 2015]. These 40 hour programs have been highly successful in providing businesses with the social media and computer skills they need to be successful in the current marketplace. Jeff has taught social media and computer programs in Truro, Halifax, Dartmouth, Amherst, Elmsdale, Bedford, Amherst and other areas of Nova Scotia. Jeff’s social media workshops and several “Lunch and Learns” sessions focusing on social media, web site marketing and other technology topics are highly sought after and have filled his schedule because of positive word of mouth advertising and his proficiency in the topic. Jeff has facilitated these workshops for organizations such as:

  • Canadian police College,
  • RE/MAX,
  • Exit Realty,
  • TMG,
  • CoRDA,
  • CEED,
  • Hants RDA,
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters,
  • And CBDC’s around Nova Scotia.

Jeff has also taught computer skills from the basics to the complex to both Provincial and Federal Government employees as well as to profit and not for profit businesses. Since 2008 Jeff has spoken at:

  • the World Crime Stoppers Training Conference,
  • the Canadian Police College  “Social Media Preparedness: Positioning your organization to lead and embrace change” Conference,
  • the NSCDA “Leadership in Career Development Conference,
  • the Non Timber Forestry Products (NTFP) Conference and
  • other speaking events throughout Nova Scotia.

Jeff is the webmaster for the following web site as well as other business web sites and Facebook Pages:

  • alphacomputer.ca
  • socialmedia.alphacomputer.ca
  • alphasocialmediainc.com
  • theicemanair.ca

Jeff on Google+