Social Media Training For Business

Welcome to the Alpha Social Media Inc website – Social Media Training for Business in Halifax, Dartmouth, Truro, New Glasgow, and throughout Nova Scotia. We make social media work for business.

Learning how to use social media is vital for marketing your business to your customers. It’s not the only form of marketing that you will do to promote your business; but it is a significant part that cannot be ignored as customers change how they shop and interact with businesses today.

I just have to ask. Are you looking for social media training for your business? Do you want to market your business using social media? Do you need help to do this?

Social media and computer skills complement one another in the workplace. If you do not have the necessary computer skills, your social media efforts will suffer. Social media also requires strategy and good communication skills. If you need help with these skills for your business, you have arrived at the right destination. I can help you learn these skills.

Your business needs to:

  • Understand the “Why” of social media – this will help you use your time effectively and set proper goals
  • Start social media off right and avoid social media mistakes – get rid of bad habits and learn new ones that will produce results for your business
  • Employ social media strategies that work – this will help you think about what you are doing and what you will do in the future
  • Use effective time management for social media – this will make sure you still have time to work
  • Build a responsive social media network – you build with people and not numbers

Social Media Workshop Participant Training Testimonial:

Colleen Prentice – Tree Phantom Arbour Farm

I want to let you know about what happened in the course with Jeff and how it affects my business. The course was highly enjoyable and informing. Jeff is a wonderful instructor and you can tell that he really wants the participants to achieve better success with the medium of social media. You see it in the time he takes at breaks and in-between classes to give you extra help and share webinars and especially his ability to provide a webinar setting during the difficult winter for those of us who could not make it in to class so that we could still take in the class. In fact, when another event at CEED kicked us out of our classroom we went into the mall for a phone only class and you’ve probably heard by now that it was actually one of the best classes we had.

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I trust you will find lots of learning here and that this site will help you develop better social media skills. You can learn one new skills by reading my blog posts on a regular basis.

My clients and workshop participants will also use the extra “private training” information to supplement their training experience with me. I look forward to training you in the future.

In the mean time, please check out my blog and the rest of the website. Let me know how you make out and if you have any questions.